The Transfer Window Is The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Where would "Mr Transfer Deadline Day" Jim White be without the window?  Source:

Where would “Mr Transfer Deadline Day” Jim White be without the window? Source:

Since its inception, there have been plenty of detractors to the transfer window system. Some complain that it rushes team into panic buying or selling, some moan about it inflating prices on players whilst some feel that there should be a limit on how many players a team should buy. All are valid points to make but there are plenty of reasons to love the transfer window.

First of all, there is the day that every fan and even players write into their diaries and that is transfer deadline day. Fuelled by teams wanting to buy but not meeting the high asking price of the team wanting to sell, a huge influx of deals are done in the final 24 hours of the window leading to an exciting TV event each summer and winter.

It’s a brilliant day of rumours, people flying here there and everywhere, will the paperwork get there in time? Can the teams agree on a fee? It has become almost an event for football fans which has only added to the interest in the sport. It’s also manufactured essentially by the clubs, if they got the deals done early there would be no deadline day to observe but because everyone feels they have until that time to negotiate it tends to come to a head come the end of the window.

Wenger has been outspoken about the window before, he just can't help himself.  Source: The Guardian

Wenger has been outspoken about the window before, he just can’t help himself. Source: The Guardian

Another thing that the window has added is security to clubs that in the previous system which meant a team was always nervous of a bid. Teams that were playing poorly would simply pick up a player or two that improved them and could lead to better results or teams that had a player playing very well or looked promising would be snapped up by a big team instantly.

Imagine that system with the like of Chelsea, Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain and Monaco who have unlimited finances so can essentially buy who they want as soon as they could be available? A team like that would have run away with everything straight away because no-one would be able to compete.

To the point of limiting the amount of transfers, that notion is a little short-sighted. It’s easy to say that as a manager of a big club doing well, but if you need four or five players to stay in the league and with the financial implications of relegation putting a cap on how many you can bring in is unfair to those in need.

In the end, the transfer window is here to stay and fans will be delighted by that whilst clubs will still try to haggle until the final day. Going back will cause more problems, changing the system will upset others more severely and managers will just come to accept that this is the way things are done.

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