NFL’s Thanksgiving Feast Returns


Man, I wish I was American. That food looks good. Source:

Even though I’m not an American, I do love Thanksgiving. It’s not the great food, the great prices the day after or the family getting together (which is mainly because I’m English) it’s because we get some NFL Football.

Much like the Premier League’s Christmas Period or a Magic Weekend in the Rugby League, Thanksgiving Football is a feast of three games back-to-back that usually bring all the spectacle a holiday would need.

Megatron is this year's Thanksgiving Cranberry sauce, he'll make everything good.   Source:

Megatron is this year’s Thanksgiving Cranberry sauce, he’ll make everything good. Source:

This year, like always, the Detroit Lions play first at home against the Green Bay Packers. It’s a game that could see who will finish first in the NFC North (although Chicago could still stake a claim) as well as being a divisional game between two sides going in opposite directions.

Packers have been hit by the injury of arguably the league’s best player in Aaron Rodgers, whilst the Lions have been riding on the back of one of the other greats in the league, “Megatron” Calvin Johnson to first place. It’ll be a tough game for Green Bay, who will really need a win to stay in the hunt and I can only really see Detroit coming out with a win.

Romo is the key in this one, he throws picks and Dallas will lose.  Source:

Romo is the key in this one, he throws picks and Dallas will lose. Source:

In the second game, the tradition of the Dallas Cowboys playing at home continues as they square up against the Oakland Raiders. The Cowboys are looking to strengthen their position at the top of the NFC East whilst the Raiders are still in the hunt for the sixth seed in the AFC playoffs.

Dallas haven’t been outstanding at all this season and Oakland have proven to be no pushovers, so expect a tough-tackling, hard-nosed game of football that is more likely to see the Cowboys leave with their bellies full than the Silver and Black.

Now this is what I call afters.  Source:

Now this is what I call afters. Source:

And to finish off, for dessert we are treated to one of the biggest rivalries in American Football when the Pittsburgh Steelers visit the Baltimore Ravens. Always a fierce and well-fought duel, this battle may see the winner knock the loser out of playoff contention, which adds extra spice to a boiling hot game.

With the Cincinnati Bengals pretty much tying up the division, it looks as though these two heavyweights will duke it out to see who will go on to try and make the sixth seed and who will end up out of sorts. It’s too close to call this one, I may give the edge to the reigning Superbowl champs on home advantage alone.

And whilst these games are important in their own right, there’s that added incentive that everyone wants to win on Thanksgiving. These games will be that extra special so wherever you are from, there’s a reason to always be thankful on the fourth Thursday of the month of November and that’s because you are treated to some added NFL Football.


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