Chicago Bull’s Derrick Rose out for the season, Brooklyn Nets struggling early


D-Rose on crutches, a sight no-one wanted to see. Source:

It’s the news that every Chicago Bulls fan, and NBA purist, was fearing when he limped out of the third quarter against Portland this week.

Derrick Rose is out for the season again after surgery to his right knee to repair a torn medial meniscus. He missed all of last year with a torn ACL, but luckily it was in the opposite knee or there would be serious worries about his overall athletic health.

The 2011 MVP winner has played just 11 games in two years and it’s a huge blow to a franchise that desperately need his star quality to make a real challenge against Miami Heat’s Western Conference dominance. Without him, they took a pummelling from the Clippers and they don’t have the contingency plan they had in place last season, when they expected him to miss the year.

Bulls will have to rely on All-Stars Joakim Noah and Luol Deng to hold the team together.  Source: Chicago Tribune

Bulls will have to rely on All-Stars Joakim Noah and Luol Deng to hold the team together. Source: Chicago Tribune

Chicago will have to resort back to being a very solid defensive team, which they are with or without Rose, and will still get a decent ranking in a poor Western Conference, but it pretty much kills their chance at a finals birth.

The worry now again is if Rose can return to the sparkling form he’s shown previously, especially now he’s had problems in both knees. With jumping obviously a key need in basketball, with many older players having knee troubles, it’s concerning that he repeatedly gets injured there and we might not see him at his best again. Obviously, we all wish him the best and hope that he can be that superstar point guard again.

Two HOF-elect players, but they haven't brought anything new to the Nets.  Source:

Two HOF-elect players, but they haven’t brought anything new to the Nets. Source:

Elsewhere, the Brooklyn Nets’ gambles in the off-season so far have seemed to have fallen flat. They went all out for this year bringing in Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, alongside first-time coach Jason Kidd, and they are currently 3-10.

It’s a huge blow for a side that expected to challenge the Heat this year, but they took on a little too much. Garnett and Pierce, in all honesty, have seen their best years in Boston and their powers are diminishing on the court. Kidd was a big gamble and so far he can’t inspire his side to close games, as they are shooting poor in the second half of games.

And the losses are bad losses. Being blown away by teams like Orlando Magic and Sacramento Kings is not something the fan base would have been expecting and rightfully so. The loss against Portland hurt too, they were appalling to the point of embarrassment to allow a good side back in to it in the third quarter.

Net's big man Lopez is a big loss.  Source:

Net’s big man Lopez is a big loss. Source:

Deron Williams and Brook Lopez’s injuries do not help the team, especially Lopez who brings so much to the offence and defence of this team. Williams just hasn’t hit top form since he’s resigned with the Nets, backing him has not paid off yet but he’s a good enough player to turn it around.

As I’ve said before, it’s a very poor Western Conference this year. Only the Heat and the Pacers seem like teams who could really get to the finals, so I expect the Nets to get in. If they don’t, Kidd won’t last in the job and their might be a serious overhaul come the summer.


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