Aren’t you sick of Xbox One vs PS4 arguments already?

Well, at least Major Nelson isn't as irritating...  Source: Xbox

Well, at least Major Nelson isn’t as irritating… Source: Xbox

This past two weeks have been full of reviews for both the PS4 and Xbox One that are about to hit shelves in the UK. With the PS4 already out in the US and the Xbox One out this Friday, the comment section of every site has already turned into a flame-war, even before both consoles are actually on sale.

I come from a relatively fair point of view having played both consoles pre-launch to say that, more than other generations; you are really splitting hairs between the two rival systems. Whilst the PS4 statistically is better, there isn’t a great degree in graphical difference between the two (I’ve played FIFA on both and it’s marginally better on the PS4, but only just) and the previous one-up for the Xbox of the better controller has been dulled by the much-improved design of the Dualshock 4 over its predecessor.

Other benefits have gone too, with PS4 making you pay for online now but adding party chat that was missing for the PS3. The free games is a little more balanced now, with the Xbox offering Games with Gold but we may not see it for either console until 2014, but this generation seems to be everyone doing the same things and you paying for which you prefer.

"It up-scales from 720p!" Source: Edge Media

“It up-scales from 720p!” Source: Edge Media

So then it comes down to a few categories, first would be the price point which would obviously go to the PS4 but that’s not a sticking point for everyone. The second, what is everyone else in your group of friends getting? This is probably the biggest pull, with people I know picking one simply on the basis that everyone else is. And that’s not a bad thing either, you’re likely to buy online for your new console so you wouldn’t want to be left alone.

The last reason to choose one over the other is exclusives, which is slowly thinning to the point where there isn’t too much difference. If you want an FPS, there’s Killzone on one and Halo on the other. Racing? Well there’s Forza on Xbox and Gran Turismo on PS4. You could argue that Xbox One has the better launch titles, which I also think it does, but PS4 has the better launch window games.

"Look at all the terrible Knack reviews!" Source:

“Look at all the terrible Knack reviews!” Source:

In the end, more than any other generation, you can’t really go wrong, which is why some fanboyisms are beginning to irk me. There just isn’t much difference anymore, the reviews for the games that are out won’t matter in three months when both will have great games and both will have poor games.

Personally, I’m going for the PS4 simply out of price. My friends are split between the two and luckily for me my brother is getting the Xbox One so the choice was almost made for me. I’m planning on getting both eventually, but the other thing is that the consoles aren’t anywhere near their peak yet. Within a few years, both will be a reasonable price with great games that really begin to push the consoles to a new standard of console gaming.


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